A Real Man Will Never Break Your Heart

A real man will never play with your emotions and he will never break your heart. If he is serious about his relationship with you then it will reflect in his actions. He will leave no stone unturned to show his love to you. He will never let you down or make you feel that he was a wrong choice in your life. If he is serious about his love for you he will go to the ends of the world to be with you. He will never make you beg, demand or chase him for his time and attention because he will make you the center of his world and all his attention will be on you. If he is head over heels in love with you he will never let you go no matter how difficult the situations are. If he is serious about you he will make future plans with you and he will be utterly honest and transparent in his relationship with you. He will never make you regret your decision about choosing him and he will never leave you embarrassed and shattered…Aarti Khurana