This Girl Felt Pain In Her Buttocks And Went To The Doctor, When He Poked Hole In Her Body You Won’t Believe What Came Out!!!

This is a story about a Brazilian model, Andressa Urach who could have lost her life due to a serious medical problem connected with her butt.

Even though Andressa had every attribute to become a famous model, she was not satisfied with her butt and in order to succeed in her career, she decided to undergo a risky illegal procedure which was supposed to make her butt look bigger. Unfortunately, artificial beauty has a big price. Her childhood dream became true when in 2012, she won the prestigious Miss BumBum contest.

However, soon after this even, she started feeling sharp pain in her legs. Once it got worse, she went to the hospital in Porto Alegre. Her doctors discovered that her body didn’t absorb properly the gel injected in her butt, which was causing the terrible pain and discomfort. This also caused her muscles to rot.

The doctors needed to perform an immediate surgery, they cut open her legs and stuffed the cuts with a specific type of foam. Sadly, the cuts were quickly infected which could lead to amputation of her legs. Nevertheless, she had a fortune because the doctors were able to resolve the problem, and after numerous surgical procedures, she is now fully recovered.

Because her story could save many girls like her from experiencing this terrible condition, she decided to write a book and to share it with the public as a warning about the danger of plastic surgery.