7 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Your Blood Type!

Many people are unaware of how important impact your blood type has on your life and health, so here are some facts that will provide you more information about the blood type.

1. Knowing Your Blood Type can save your life

You probably already know your blood type, which is very important in case you have some kind of accident. This way the doctors will be able to help you immediately. It is also important to know your blood type because getting the wrong type with transfusion can cause multiple life-threatening complications.

2. Different Nutritional Needs

Every blood type has different nutritional needs. For example people with blood type 0 are more prone to indigestion and stomach issues so they should consume proteins, meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. People with blood type A on the other hand, have a more sensitive immune system so they should eat citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli and garlic, and they should avoid alcohol, trans fats and vegetable oils.

People with blood type AB don’t produce enough stomach acid which means they should stimulate its production in order to regulate digestion. Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar have the power to provide proper digestion.

3. Check Your Blood Type If You Are constantly Stressed or Angry

People with blood type 0 and A have increased levels of stress due to the increased production of cortisol. You should check your blood type if you feel stressed or angry very often.

4. Blood types and Cancer

According to researchers, your blood type determines your chance of getting cancer. They have come to the conclusion that people with blood type 0 have 20% increased risk of getting stomach cancer or ulcers compared to other blood types.

On the other hand, blood type A has shown problems when dealing with LDL cholesterol.

5. Blood Type Affects Belly Fat

People with blood type A are facing more difficulties when trying to lose weight compared to other blood types. They also have a raised diabetes risk, and should avoid foods like shellfish, dairy and meat because they cause bloating, acid reflux and indigestion.

6. Your Blood Type Influences your Personality

According to Asian medicine people with the same blood type share many personality traits and habits. For example, people with blood type 0 worry too much but are well organized and practical, the ones with AB type are strong and rational. Blood type B is outgoing and friendly and type A is very compassionate and always puts other people’s needs first.

7. The Rh Factor in Blood Affects the Fetus

Your blood type is classified by categories (A,B,AB or 0) but also by Rh factor which can either be positive or negative.

Almost 85% of people have a positive Rh factor. In case of a pregnancy when both of the parents have the same Rh factor there are no complications, but if the father has a positive and the mother has a negative factor, it could cause risks for the baby’s health which can be life-threatening. This is also a very important reason why you need to know your blood type and Rh factor as well.