10 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

We have all been there guys. You meet a great woman, she’s nice, she’s sweet, pretty and knows just what to do to make you happy. Then you realize that you haven’t been dating a woman; you’ve been dating a girl. Here are the top ten signs that you’re dating a girl.

• Sudden Change of Plans

Women keep their word. If they change plans, they better have a good reason. Girls change plans at the drop of a hat.

• Constant Communication

Women don’t need to call, text or email you all the time. Girls do. Getting ten texts a day is a sign you’re dating a girl.

• Neediness

Women don’t need gifts on a regular basis. They prefer presents to be special. Girls want gifts all the time. Why? Because they’re insecure and need stuff to know you “love” them.

• Obsession

Women don’t get obsessed about what you do and who you do it with. Constant questions about where you were and who you were with is a major sign you’re dating a girl.

• Jealousy

This is a big one. Women don’t mind if you have female friends, in fact, they like it because you can get another woman’s perspective on things and grow as a person. Girls don’t like their man to have any female friends apart from them. Again, it’s insecurity that separates the women from the girls.

• Threats

Threats are the ultimate sign of immaturity. If your woman threatens to hurt you or herself, she’s a girl and it’s time for you to walk away.

• Dressing Slutty

Women don’t need to “dress sexy” all time: they know they’re sexy already. Girls will dress slutty more than necessary for the extra attention.

• Mind Reading

Girls expect their men to read their minds. Women speak their minds.

Picking Up the Check

Women are financially independent, and don’t expect you to pay for everything.

• Drinking Too Much

Women know how to hold their liquor. Girls don’t know when to stop and get drunk way too fast!

• Boring Convo

Women know how to have an interesting conversation. Girls haven’t picked up that skill yet.