I Have A Heart Of Gold.

If you are looking for a perfect girl ..I AM SORRY …THAT’S NOT ME…I don’t have a lot offer. I am not a celebrity or a model.. I don’t have a sexy curvaceous figure. I am not the best looking girl in the world. I don’t have looks to die for. I don’t have a million dollar smile. I can’t even promise to be a great girlfriend or a perfect wife. I may not always say the right things. I may not be able to make you feel proud me all the time. But I am happy the way I am, raw, unmasked and real. I don’t fake my emotions and I don’t pretend to be someone I am not.. I laugh when I want to laugh and I cry when I feel like crying. And at times I might make you feel that I am some silly, crazy, irrational and an illogical girl. But I have a heart of gold. Love me for that and I will love you back in a million unimaginable ways. .. Aarti Khurana