Every Woman Has A Dream Man..

Every woman has a dream man whom she craves for…someone whom she desires to have in her life. Every woman dreams of a man who can love every bit of her. Someone who would admire her but not for her curves or her figure but for her emotional strength and for the battles she is constantly fighting to survive. Someone who would appreciate her but not for the way she wears her makeup or makes her hair but for the way she carries a smile on her face even though she is broken inside. Every woman wants a man who craves for her but not just for physical intimacy but for emotional, soulful and spiritual intimacy. Someone who would never give up on her and respect her for her ethics and values and for the way she stands tall even when her life is in a mess. Someone who would fall in love with her but not for her sexy body but for her beauty of her heart and her soul. Every woman dreams of a man who can fall in love with every nook and corner of her mind, her body, her heart and her soul…. Aarti Khurana