One day an 11 year old girl asked her daddy,
“What are you going to get me for my 15th birthday?”
The father replied, “There is much time left.”

When the girl was 14… she fainted and was rushed to the hospital.
The doctor came out and told her dad she had a bad heart & she is probably gonna die.

When she was lying in the hospital bed she said,
“Daddy, have they told you I am going to die ?”
The father replied, no you will live as he left weeping.

She said, “How can you be sure.”
He turned around from the door and said “I know.”

She turns 15 when she is recovering and comes home to find a letter on her bed.

It says, “My Dearest Daughter, if you are reading this it means all went well as I told you.

One day you asked me what I was giving you for your 15th birthday,
I didn’t know then… but now my present to you is MY HEART.” (father donated his heart)

Love your parents… they sacrifice a lot to make us happy, without letting children realize. Many a times we are so busy growing up that we forget that they are also growing old. Spend Quality time with them, treat your parents with loving care, for you will know their value, when you see their empty chair.