Blonde Haircut – Funny Joke

A blonde wearing headphones walk into a beauty shop and says, “I need a haircut.”

The beautician says, “Okay, but you have to remove your headphones first.”

The blonde says, “No! If I do, I’ll die.”

The beautician says, “Well, then, I can’t cut your hair.”

The blonde says, “Just cut around them.”

The beautician says, “Okay.”

She cuts the blonde’s hair until she can’t cut it anymore without her removing the headphones. The beautician tells the blonde that she has to remove the headphones and the blonde says, “Okay, but if I die, I’m holding you responsible.”

So she removes the headphones and finishes the haircut.

Everything is going fine until, all of a sudden, the blonde starts to choke and falls over.

The beautician doesn’t know what to do, so she picks up the headphones and she hears, “Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.”