My Letter to every man; Written by a Woman

It has been almost a month now since I decided to write a letter to you but it has been hard finding the exact words I should say to you. I have written, scribbled down and thrown away so many writing sheets as I have struggled to find the correct words to explain exactly what it is that I want heard by you.

We appreciate and adore you. Sometimes we fall for you because of your personality, sometimes because of how you smell which can be very addictive at times and because of whom you are in our lives. A woman remembers every little thing you say about her physical appearance. When you tell her how fat she is, she will gradually become obsessed with losing weight. A woman likes it when you listen more than you talk. A woman likes a man who opens doors for her and pulls the chair for her to sit.

I have seen men leading lives of desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. Do not let your discretion come to this point. You only live once therefore seize every chance you have.

Sometimes, all that matters is when you take responsibility for your actions. Do not be like Adam who ate the forbidden fruit given to him by Eve keeping in mind that it was forbidden. Adam ended up not taking responsibility for his deeds and chose to blame it on Eve. Take responsibility like a man should and change things where need be.

A woman likes a man who is strong at heart. Note that I am not saying that you are not allowed to break down In various occasions. Being strong at heart means that you are able to keep composure even during nasty arguments between you and your spouse. Bursting out with anger can permanently harm a relationship.

A woman likes a sensitive man but at the same time, manly. Being manly means that you are decisive, strong, confident, mature and reliable by others. A man who possesses these qualities is able to handle situations in a wise manner. He is able to be relied on by other people even when things are not going right for him. He has courage to face difficult situations in his life and does not go into hibernation when he can not solve a problem.

A woman wants a relationship where she is the woman and not the man.
Have the correct mindset because how you react to situations starts from the mind. I have heard stories about people succumbing out of self destruction like drugs and alcoholism. Choose the right way to deal with your problems because difficulties in life are meant to shape you.

Finally, If you are going to criticize the appearance of a woman; her figure her complexion, her dressing, her job, her sense of style or her personality you had better be 100% perfect…no flaws attached.