If they really care, they will find time for you

No matter how busy a person is, if they really care, they will always find the time for you.

For those who lose out by being self absorbed to the point of missing out on a potentially wonderful gift of friendship. - Bonnie Paquette 

If you truly care make time and show. Make sure people know you care because often people don’t say it or show it. Actions speak louder than words. - Hayley McDonough 

If he doesn’t have time for you, he doesn’t care, so forget him. He is not worth your time too. You deserve somebody better. - Chiqui Gonzalez

If you’re work is making your life too busy to the point where you can’t spend at least half your time with those you love, then you my friend is missing what life is all about, and you are now a slave to your job. - Matt Suniyani 

I have the same policies with my phone, if the rings stop just when I am about to pick it up, it stops, I often say, well if it is that important, they will call again. Sure enough, the important one (i.e your friend) will call again. - Marianna Patchett 

I would make time for the right people that illustrate similar qualities. However, I am becoming quite creative at making time for myself. - Nichii Namaha